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The Best Cashback Offers for 2022

Want to find the best cashback deals? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the top stores that you can earn cashback on in 2022.

Everybody loves getting cashback rewards. Whether it’s through a shiny new credit card, a loyalty program, or a Sleek new browser extension (see what we did there?), getting cashback just feels good! Not to mention it’s the smart thing to do.

We want to help you get rewarded every time you shop online, so we’ve compiled a list of the top stores that you can earn cashback on. 

*Drumroll please*

Everyday Stores

Walmart — up to 3% cashback!

Groupon — up to 7% cashback!

Kohl’s — up to 1% cashback!

Macy’s — up to 2% cashback!

Home Depot — up to 1% cashback!

And more…


Glossier — up to 3% cashback!

The Body Shop — up to 6% cashback!

Ulta Beauty — up to 3% cashback!

No7 Beauty — up to 4% cashback!

Hero Cosmetics — up to 12% cashback!

And more…

Fitness & Athletic Wear

Athleta — up to 2% cashback!

Reebok — up to 5% cashback!

Foot Locker — up to 1% cashback!

Champs Sports — up to 3% cashback!

Sport Chek — up to 3% cashback!

And more…


Levi’s — up to 3% cashback!

Puma — up to 4% cashback!

Banana Republic — up to 1% cashback!

Ted Baker — up to 1% cashback!

Old Navy — up to 1% cashback!

And more…

Maximize Your Cash Back

Remember, when you shop at these stores using the Sleek browser extension, you’ll earn all of that cashback ON TOP of your existing credit card rewards! It’s fast, easy to use, and completely FREE — download Sleek today!

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